Thursday, November 2, 2017

Here at Emma's Simposium, We care about everyone that We come into contact with and when one our own is Hurting or feels Pain or is Sadden by Death We feel it with them. 

Tomorrow A Very Close and Dear Member of our Team will lay to rest an important part of her Family, Her Father. 

I ask that all of You Please take a moment and lets show Lady M just how much we as a community care by sending Her and Her Family the Love and Respect that each and every one of us Deserves. If it is just a few words "I Am Sorry" or "I'm Praying For You" will go a long way in helping Her cope with the Loss of her Loved one. 

Lady M We Love You
Emma and The Rest of the ES Team

Monday, October 16, 2017



So this is what it comes to.

Sims Creator’s vs EA & Users 

WOW... I am so tired of seeing all the negative CRAP that is going on over people sharing other people content in The Sims Community. You Creator’s need to wake up from your little dream worlds as see what is right in front of you. It can’t be any plainer then what is spelled out in black and white that each of you who Play and Create Content for the The Sims games agreed to when you download the game/s.

The Creator’s who think that your rights have been violated because someone shared your content whether it is paid, patreon, or free should be advised that it is YOU who have Infringed on Rights of, not only Electronic Arts, but also the rights the All Their Users who use their game and have access to your UGC. Look above. Plain Black and White underlined in Red. If you think this is not real, then by all means have a look at it for yourself.

So In Closing, Creator’s before you next make a complaint that, Someone stole this, So and so is sharing that, He/She is violating my Copyright, or they abused my TOU. Read the above and know that your complaints are violating the Rights of EA & Its Users.

According to the Above EA TOS Section, Emma’s Simposium, is within their rights, able to distribute ANY CONTENT as long as she has access to the content.


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